Concepts & Design

High Velocity
Air Smoke Detector

The Challenge

Using the correct tool for a job is crucial, as the consequences of using the wrong tool are often underestimated. Properly testing smoke detectors in high-air-flow environments is important, as inaccurate test equipment can have devastating consequences for safety.
To ensure accurate results, it’s best to use equipment that closely mimics real-world conditions. With good test equipment, you can determine whether your smoke detector requires servicing or replacement.

The Solution

Our smoke detector tester for high-air-flow environments solves the problems of inaccurate readings. It’s most formidable feature is that it shelters the aerosol from the high velocity air in the ducting by use of the aerosol delivery tube and collector; which fits over the smoke detector. Our smoke detector tester also conserve aerosol by limiting the loss of aerosol to the high-velocity-air. It further allows for single person testing and decreases the liability issues due to inaccurate test equipment. Our smoke detector tester isn’t just another pretty tool.


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