Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tool Used For?

This tool was developed to meet the need for a smoke detector tester that would work within high air-flow and difficult to reach environments.  The tool is designed to reach, and work within, difficult areas including HVAC duct work, data centers sub-flooring and plenum air spaces,  just to name a few.

Why Do You Need a Special Smoke Detector?

Unlike the usual smoke detector locations you see everyday in commercial and residential applications where they monitor for smoke in hallways, stairways or bedrooms, smoke detectors are also put inside of ducting that feeds air conditioning and heater applications. Because of the location within areas that are not easily reached, and can be subject to high air flow, a special tool is needed to test the smoke detector accurately.

When air is flowing down these ducts, the air flow will carry any testing gas from your liquid smoke container, right past the smoke detector located inside the duct. The ability to test the smoke detector therefore becomes reliant upon shutting the HVAC system down in order to test the sensors.

The other option is to waste a large amount of liquid smoke trying to drown the sensor as the airflow carries it away. Neither option is desirable.This patented tool allows for the isolation of the smoke detector from the airflow, while the system is running. It conserves liquid smoke and accurately pinpoints the testing gas right to the smoke detector. Furthermore, you won't have to shut the entire system down to test the detector.

Are There Any Other Tools Out There That Will Do the Same Thing?

There are no other tools like this.  This tool has a U.S. Patent for this specific purpose.

Who Would Use This Tool?

Fire/Life Safety Technicians (Fire Alarm Technicians) or anyone who finds it hard to reach their smoke detector location due to it’s height or if it’s in a air passage or duct. This tool takes very little training and has great benefits both for safety reasons as well as ease of testing.

What are the Benefits of Using This Tool?

  • The tool saves test smoke aerosol (liquid smoke) by pinpointing the test smoke directly on the smoke detector instead of losing it to the air flow or to just “bad aim.”
  • The tool saves on labor costs due to only needing one technician over as many as up to three needed to do the same job without it.
  • The tool is safer to use for the technician instead of the tech having to reach into a duct, trying to spray test aerosol in high air flow environment, risking injury through breathing or coming in contact with the test smoke, or cutting himself on ducting.  This tool allows a long reach with contained test smoke.
  • The tool is ergonomically designed for end user comfort and to help minimize injury.