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  • Why is a Special Smoke Detector Test Tool Needed?

    There is not a tool specifically designed to test smoke detectors in difficult to reach locations. A tool that allows a full functional test of related auxiliary interfaced equipment i.e. damper motor actuation, air handler shutdown, increased fire technician production, increased company profits.

  • Are there any tools out there that will do the same thing?

    The answer is no. There are a lot of smoke detector test tools that are designed to detectors on ceilings in open areas that are easily accessible, unfortunately that is not always the case. Smoke detectors are in numerous plenum air spaces.

  • Who Would Use This Tool?

    System Integrators, electrical contractors, low voltage technicians, and in house property owners of commercial buildings who install, inspect, and commission fire/life safety systems. 

  • What are the Benefits of Using This Tool?

    The primary benefit of using this tool is being able to test smoke detectors in difficult to reach locations even if 3500 cfm air velocity is present. Another benefit is that it allows the technician to test fire controls without having to shut down air handlers beforehand. In other words, a full functional test of auxiliary interfaced equipment. 

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