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Currently there is an issue in the fire/life safety industry that has not been addressed until now. That issue is not being able to conduct a functional smoke detector test in plenum air spaces. We here at Williams Concepts and Designs have addressed this issue with a patented protected tool designed to do just that. Take a moment to view the use of a prototype tool that we at Williams Concepts and Designs have created. (Proof of Concept Video) A tool designed to functionally test smoke detectors in plenum air spaces. (H.V.A.C. duct work, data centers sub flooring, and plenum spaces)

Duct taping a rubber hose to the opening of a Gator Aid bottle with the bottom cut out is not exactly professional. Look at this video and you be the judge. (Current Tools Being Used Video)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this innovation?  We want to think outside the box. (Smoking Gun) That is why we have developed a tool with infinite angle adjustments angles specifically designed to functionally test detectors in difficult to reach environments. First advantage is that it will take only one person on a ladder to reach and test smoke detectors in difficult to reach locations. Another feature is less waste of smoke test aerosol. Another feature, and perhaps the most important, would result in increased technician productivity. What company who doesn’t want to add to their bottom line?

We here at Williams Concepts and Designs believe you can do just that by partnering with us with us. This test tool for inspecting and commissioning   smoke detectors in difficult to reach locations can be market disrupter, not just here in the United States but across the globe. Feel free to reach out us for more information.